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Folded Christmas Star

This is a simple fabric project, which is great fun to make and does not require any sewing! It uses small pieces of fabric so is great for scraps. Make one as a decoration or more to create a garland.

Size approx – 3 ½”

You will need…

4 x pieces 3” x 12” of different fabric – needs to be craft/quilting cotton weight (anything heavier will be too bulky)

Sewing kit to include....

- Scissors

- Tape measure

- Iron and ironing board/mat

To make the star…

1. Take your fabric strips and press in half lengthways then press the long raw edges into the centre fold (as you would to make bias tape). Fold in half again lengthways so raw edges are enclosed.

2. Fold each piece roughly in half leaving 1 end approximately 1” longer than the other.

3. Weave pieces together. Ensure that all of the short ends are facing up on each of the 4 pieces.

a) Put the double folded piece of red inside the green.

b) Put the double folded cream inside the red.

c) Put the tail of the green inside the star near the star fold and the tail of the star through the middle of the cream.

d) Pull tails so centre sits snugly.

e) Turn it over so long ends are on top.

4. Working anticlockwise from the top, fold the top tail of each fabric across the centre. With the final tail (star fabric in this case), fold the top tail across and tuck this under the first fabric you folded down (green fabric in this case). Pull all tails so centre sits snugly.

5. You will see that half of the tails are longer than the others. Take one of the long tails and fold it at 45 degrees underneath itself, then fold again to create a point. Press with iron or finger press.

6. Trim off the tail as per photo.

7. Fold point in half and poke the tail into the centre fold.

8. Repeat with each of the long tails then turn over and repeat with the short tails. Press all points with an iron. DONE!

To keep up to date with my latest tutorials, free patterns etc, please follow me on facebook - Victoria Carrington Designs and I will let you know when I add anything new. I would also love you to post any photos of your finished gift bags on my page so I can have a look! Thank you.

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